Alexis Barbalinardo, Farm Manager


Alexis Barbalinardo began managing Back 40 Farm in 2015. Since graduating from Vassar College in 2007, she has worked as an outdoor educator and naturalist, a bread baker, cheesemaker, cowherd, flower grower, and vegetable farmer. She has fine-tuned her growing skills on farms all over the country. Prior to her arrival at Back 40, Alexis spent two years at the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture where she managed the half-acre greenhouse, worked beside the chefs of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and became a skilled plant propagatrix. She is passionate about good food, armloads of flowers, healthy communities, and connecting people to all that sustains us. Alexis is deeply committed to translating ecological stewardship into the delicious and nutritious vegetables of Back 40 Farm.

Enya Cunningham, Assistant Manager


Enya came to Back 40 Farm in 2015 after graduating from Vassar College. She was drawn to farm work through a passion for working with her hands and a desire to do meaningful work for the food system. Enya arrived at the farm with little practical experience growing vegetables and an enormous desire to learn. Under the tutelage of Alexis, she has become a capable farmer and continues to hone her skills daily. Enya is passionate about self-sufficiency, interdependence, and finding a free minute off the farm to go birding with Alexis.

Bill & Lesley King


Lesley and Bill have been together since high school but never envisioned owning a farm or a restaurant. After long careers on Wall Street, they threw themselves wholeheartedly into the organic and local food movement by starting Back 40 Farm. Their entrepreneurial spirit and mutual commitment to healthy food grown well helped pave the way for Back 40 Farm Group. The Group is comprised of Back 40 Farm, Back 40 Kitchen , Back 40 Mercantile , and Mill Street Bar and Table. Bill sits on the Board of the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture in Pocantico Hills, NY. He and Lesley are co-founders of the Old Greenwich Farmer’s Market where Back 40 Farm produce and flowers are sold every Wednesday.